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Alchemy Skin Spa
3012 Fairfield Avenue
Black Rock, CT 06605
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Monday-Saturday 10AM-5PM
Sunday by Appointment
Tel: 203-763-1552

Reviews & News

Happy with your experience at Alchemy? Feel free to share with others! Unhappy? Please share with me so I may continue to improve my studio and treatments. Want to hear what others thought? Read a few reviews at:




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EAST BAY EXPRESS “VISIONS OF UTOPIA” Editorial Award – Best Skin Care                               “Others do what she does, but it is her energy and enthusiasm for your inner beauty that brings it out before she’s even begun with the facial or waxing. What makes Alchemy the best spa is not so much what Malité does with your body, but what she does with your spirit.”






CERTIFIED GREEN BUSINESS                                                                                                           Contra Costa County

Alchemy is an earth-friendly business taking extra steps to conserve resources, reduce waste and prevent pollution. I also use organic ingredients and endeavor to partner with small, local, green businesses whenever possible.

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