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Lashes & Brows

Lashes and brows are enhanced creating a naturally flattering look using only the most gentle products and techniques.

Tinting and shaping can enhance your eyes, create a more rested, polished look, visually shave years off of your age and balance your features. Lash tinting can replace daily mascara application (although mascara may be worn over tinted lashes), and people who think they “have no brows” are often amazed at what a difference a bit of color and slightly adjusting the shape, angle and thickness of the brows can make.

Gentle vegetable tints are applied to lashes and brows, allowed to set while you relax on a heated facial bed, then removed with damp cotton and a cool water rinse. Moisturizer is then massaged into the skin around the eyes. Results are instantly visible and color typically lasts up to four weeks. While washing your face won’t fade color, repeated exposure to chlorine may. Lash tinting works best on medium to long lashes, and curling your lashes further enhances the effects.

Your features, style, personality and hair growth are always considered in determining your ideal brow shape. Brows are trimmed, artfully tweezed for precision shaping, and sometimes waxed to remove lots of baby-fine hair or if waxing is your preference, then soothing serum and cooling compresses are applied. If allowing your hair to grow in for the most beautiful shape to be achieved is recommended, I’ll show you how to fill in sparse areas with brow pencil in the meantime. Shaping results usually last up to four weeks and can be extended by carefully tweezing re-growth at home between visits.

LASH COLOR (with hand massage) 30.
BROW COLOR (with light tweezing) 30.

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