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Alchemy Skin Spa
3012 Fairfield Avenue
Black Rock, CT 06605
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Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10AM-5PM
Or by Appointment
Tel: 203-763-1552


Alchemy custom facials uplift the spirit by encouraging you to relax and take time for yourself, and renew motivation to consistently care for your ever-changing, hard-working skin at home by improving both the look and feel of your complexion.

As you nestle under soft sheets and are lulled into serenity, I will treat your skin with luscious, organic products and gentle, effective techniques designed specifically for you. Whether dehydration, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, sensitivity, or aging is of concern; skin is cleansed, smoothed, cleared, calmed, brightened and revitalized, revealing soft radiance without a hint of redness or blotchiness.

My primary goal is to coax your complexion into a healthy state by strengthening and balancing the skin rather than stripping away its natural defenses. To that end, key elements of my facial treatments include:

  • Scrupulous cleansing to remove embedded impurities
  • Gentle exfoliation to shed dry, dulling skin cells
  • Steam to hydrate, soften and prepare skin for extraction
  • Warm towel compresses to soften and stimulate skin
  • Thorough extractions, as needed, to clear congested pores
  • Massage to promote circulation and relaxation
  • Treatment masks to calm, hydrate and brighten
  • Concentrated serums and moisturizer to nourish and protect

You’ll leave your appointment relaxed, refreshed and aglow, with a better understanding of how to easily maintain your healthy, beautiful complexion at home.

                       ALCHEMY CUSTOM FACIAL & ULTRASOUND (60 minutes) 165.
                                                                                ALCHEMY CUSTOM FACIAL (60 minutes) 135. ALCHEMY CUSTOM MINI-FACIAL (30 Minutes) 60.  (45 minutes) 75.
                                                                       TEENAGER FACIAL (45 minutes) 75.
                                                                                 BACK FACIAL (45 minutes) 85.

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